BRYAN KINKELA is a unisex luxury brand, which aims to be ethical and ecological.

But also wants to promote diversity in fashion.


All the clothes are manufactured and upcycled in Île-de-France.

To choose a local manufacturing in workshops, is at the same time an ecological approach, by the production of closeness, but also social, by supporting the French manufacturing.


All leather clothes are manufactured and some vintage clothes are upcycled, by a workshop specialized in the field of manufacturing of luxury clothing and accessories, in leather and sheepskin. The vintage clothes chosen are of high quality, of good manufactured, and are dyed ecologically in Paris. The leathers and sheepskins used respect all the European standards.


All textile clothes are manufactured and some vintage clothes are upcycled by cooperative workshops guaranteeing a high quality of production, while contributing to the Social and Solidarity Economy.


The fabrics used to manufacture clothes are 100% cotton, weaved manually and dyed in a traditional way. Moreover artisans use only vegetal dyes to dye fabrics, what gives a luxury and very high quality fabrics. By working with the Ethical Fashion Initiative (EFI) an organization associated with the UN and WTO, the brand can give some work and fight against the poverty, in poor regions of the world (Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Haiti, Kenya and Mali). But also to guarantee the rights of the producers and the workers, and thus contribute largely to the fair trade.