BRYAN KINKELA is a luxury brand which aims to be ethical, but also wants to promote diversity.


All the clothes are handmade in France.

To choose a local manufacturing in small workshops is at the same time an ecological approach, by the production of closeness, but also social approach, by supporting the french manufacturing and contributing to the social and solidarity economy.


All the fabrics used to make clothes come from Africa, and are 100% natural fiber origin.

The fabrics are hand woven and hand dyed in a traditional way by artisans using only vegetable dyes to dye them, which gives very high quality fabrics. Through this approach the brand can give work and fight against the poverty, in poor regions of the world. But also to guarantee the rights of the producers and the workers, and thus contribute largely to the fair trade.


For the manufacturing  of the belts, the leather used is recycled from surplus productions of various tanneries or companies.

Through this approach, the brand can fight against waste and contribute to recycling.


All the leather sneakers are handcrafted in Portugal, by artisanal workshops.

The leather used is european and respect all european standards.